Tale of the Lost Boys


80 minutes | Drama 
BEYONDtheBOX | Portico Productions | Gagaoolala

DIRECTED BY: Joselito Altarejos
SCREENPLAY BY: May de los Santos

Best Picture
Best Screenplay (May de los Santos)
Best Editing (Diego Marx Dobles)
Sinag Maynila Box Office Award

Tale of the Lost Boys is the story of the friendship between two men — Alex (Oliver Aquino), a Filipino mechanic, and Jerry (Ta Su), a Taiwanese Aborigine student. The two meet randomly when Alex flees to Taipei from Manila, upon learning that his girlfriend is pregnant. A casual conversation develops into a surprising personal connection between them. Both realize that they yearn for a more intimate connection with their mothers, since Alex’s abandoned him for a new family while Jerry is afraid that his traditional parents will reject him for being gay. The two men go on a road trip and end up at Jerry’s tribe.  The trip eventually makes them reconnect with their mothers and both discover a certain sense of identity and freedom.

Oliver Aquino —————————————— Alex
Ta Su —————————————————- Jerry
Kristel Romero —————————————– Alex’s Mother
Abai Bashang ——————————————- Jerry’s Mother
Mona Hayung ——————————————- Jerry’s Father
Joe Black ————————————————- Simon
Lex Bonife ———————————————— Alex’s Cousin
Tiffany Tsai ———————————————– Sara
Nataleigh Sitoy ——————————————– Kim, Alex’s Girlfriend

Producer: Jay Lin
Line Producers: Karen Chang and Annelle Durano
Cinematographer: Cesca Lee
Editor: Diego Marx Dobles
Sound Designer: Andrew Milallos
Musical Scorer: Luigi Tuazon
Production Designer: Jeng Toress





March 9: 9:15PM (Gala Screening); March 10: 1:00PM; March 11: 5:15pm; March 12: 4:30pm; March 13: 11:30AM; March 14: 3:30PM; March 15: 9:30PM

SM Megamall
March 9: 9:15PM, March 10: 1:15PM, March 11: 5:45PM, March 12: 4:45PM, March 13: 3:45PM, March 14: 8:45PM; March 15: 9:30PM

SM Mall of Asia
March 9: 9:30PM, March 10: 5:45PM, March 11: 6:15PM, March 12: 9:45PM; March 13: 7:15PM; March 14: 3:45PM; March 15: 8:45PM

SM Manila
March 9: 2:45PM; March 10: 6:30PM; March 11: 11:30PM; March 12: 7:30PM; March 13: 4:00PM; March 14: 9:30PM; March 15: 3:45PM

SM Southmall 
March 9: 9:45PM; March 10: 3:45M; March 11: 6:15PM; March 12: 9:30PM; March 13: 6:30PM; March 14: 4:30PM; March 15: 8:30PM

SM Sta. Mesa
March 9: 8:30PM; March 10: 4:30PM; March 11: 6:30PM; March 12: 8:30PM; March 13: 6:30PM; March 14: 14:30PM; March 15: 8:30PM

SM Fairview
March 9: 2:30PM; March 10: 6:30PM; March 11: 12:00NN; March 12: 6:30PM; March 13: 4:00PM; March 14: 8:30PM; March 15: 2:30PM

SM Bacoor 
March 9: 2:30PM; March 10: 6:30PM; March 11: 12:00NN; March 12: 6:30PM; March 13: 4:00PM; March 14: 8:30PM; March 15: 2:30PM

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