Best Screenplay: Archie Del Mundo and Joselito Altarejos

Best Sound: Drew Milallos




Temporary Protection Order

LOG LINE: In the tug-of-war of familial and legal rights the child is the ultimate victim.


MIGUEL (Oliver Aquino) is an abusive husband to TERESA, a former town-beauty queen (Mara Lopez). They have an eight-year old son, JR (Miko Laurente). Their small family lives with Miguel’s parents (Menggie Cobarrubias and Dexter Doria). The family is shattered by the vicious cycle of domestic abuse.

After a night of beating, Teresa, goaded by a friend (YAYO AGUILA), seeks TPO (Temporary Protection Order) from the court. TPO is a legal remedy that a woman can avail of under Republic Act 9262 (Violence Against Women and Children Law) to protect her and her child against anyone harming them. Teresa is granted the TPO against Miguel. But in this legal tug-of-war of familial rights, their son ,JR, is ignored. Until, he shows aggression in school.But Miguel’s parents coax Miguel to file for Child Custody. Just like our legal system, the film slowly unravels their story.

TPO is a cautionary tale on domestic abuse that examines the lives of a small family victimised by it. The director employs a static-cinema approach in a non-linear narrative. TPO is his second film on his trilogy about domestic abuse.


Oliver Aquino
Mara Lopez
Miko Laurente
Dexter Doria
Menggie Cobarrubias
Yayo Aguila
Monti Parungao
Lex Bonife
Ray an Dulay
May delos Santos
Annelle Durano
Atty. Cecille Soria



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