Mes De Guzman

Has won numerous Don Carlos Palanca Awards for his scripts and Grand Prize from the National COmmission for Culture and the Arts for his manuscript novel, “Rancho Dyanggo”.

His 35mm short film “Batang Trapo” won the L’Etoile (Golden Star) Grand Prize for Short Film at the Festival International Du Film de Marrakech in Morroco; it also won Best Short Film at the Gawad Urian Awards. First Prize and Best Short Film for Childern, Gawad CCP for Film and Video and the Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Cinema, Cinemanila International Film Festival. His feature film, “The Road to Kalimugtong” won the Altadis New Director’s Prize, Special Mention at the 2006 San Sebastian International Film Festival; it also bagged two Best Picture prizes from the Golden Screen Awards and Festival De Cine De Los Pueblos Del Sur in Venezuela, South America. He also won the Cinemanila 2011 Best Picture and Best Director, and Best Asian Film (NETPAC Award) at the 2012 Cinemalaya Film Festival for the film “Diablo” (Demon).

Mes films have been creened worldwide including festivals at Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Nantes Spain, San Francisco, New York, Busan and Rotterdam.

Recently he won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay for his CineFilipino Film Festival entry “Ang kwento ni Mabuti”, and Best Screenplay And Jury Prize Winner for his film “Sition at the 2013 Cinema One Film Festival.


1. Batang Trapo Rags 2001
2. Diliman Darkening 2005
3. Ang Daan patungong Kalimugtong The Road to Kalimugtong 2005
4. Balikbayan Box 2007
5. Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Yelo Ice is the Earth 2010
6. . Ang mundo sa panahon ng Bato Stone is the Earth 2010
7. Sa Kanto ng Ulap at Lupa At the Corner of Heaven and Earth 2011
8. Ang Mundo sa panahon ng Bakal Steel is the Earth 2012
9. Diablo Demon 2012
10. Sitio 2013
11. Ang Kwento ni Mabuti 2013
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