AWARDS: Best Screenplay: Archie Del Mundo and Joselito Altarejos Best Sound: Drew Milallos   TPO Temporary Protection Order LOG LINE: In the tug-of-war of familial and legal rights the child is the ultimate victim. SYNOPSIS: MIGUEL (Oliver Aquino) is an abusive husband to TERESA, a former town-beauty queen (Mara Lopez).… Continue reading


  Three friends wait along Dalton Pass every dawn to jump at the back of rice delivery trucks to steal the goods and sell it at the wet market as their means of income. One of them accidentally gets a pack of drugs in one of the trucks they jumped… Continue reading


  AWARDS: Best Actor: Alvin Anson Best Editing: Benjamin Tolentino Best Musical Score: Francis De Veyra A syndicate old-timer named Ben needs to do one last assignment before the boss he works for grants him his much delayed retirement. Assigned to be his partner is the neophyte Morris, a trigger-happy,… Continue reading