At Home

30 Minutes
Pelikmata Productions | Arjanmar H. Rebeta Films | Mediarama Creatives
Directed by: Arjanmar H. Rebeta
Featuring: Christian Apolinario

A Filipino actor with a disability is invited to Australia to accept an award. In the midst of his journey, he can’t help but compare the place to his homeland in terms of PWD accessibility.

Producers: Arjanmar H. Rebeta and Khaye Medina
Assistant Director: Kristine de Leon
Director of Photography: Arjanmar H. Rebeta
Editors: Arjanmar H. Rebeta and Kristine de Leon
Musical Scorer: Kristine de Leon
Production Manager: Khaye Medina
Production Assistants: Kristine de Leon, John Loui Medina, Zilpah Lois Ciron, and Francis Javier
Subtitles: Kristine de Leon and Zilpah Lois Ciron


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