Andap (Flicker)

16 Minutes
Letran Manila Institute of Communication 
Directed by: Calista Allyson Geronimo and Roma Mangahas 
Written by: Jullian Desales 

Andap is a documentary that narrates the hardships of, not only being diagnosed with, but also taking care of someone who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes individuals to lose their memory, which progressively worsens as they get older. Step into the eyes of Aling Tuding, an 83-year old senior citizen diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Peachy Jimeño, Aling Tuding’s daughter and caretaker, as they tell the story of how the disease changed their lives.

Producer —— Patricia Valenzuela
Researchers — Olivia Dayao and Gab Ogaña
Production Manager — Jelsey Sanchez
Editor ———– Roma Mangahas
Director of Photography —– Jannine Pacia
Camera Operator ———- Magell Tan




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