“Alpha, the Right to Kill” wins Special Jury Prize in San Sebastian

Brillante Mendoza‘s latest film Alpha, the Right to Kill has won the Special Jury Prize at the 66th San Sebastian International Film Festival , where it also made its international debut.

Following its victory, the film also earned praises from different publications. Here are some of the reactions:

“Punchy docudrama-style execution and an involving narrative that bowls along like, well, gangbusters, give Alpha an immediacy.”
“Troy Espiritu’s script is taut and to the point, and gives the impression of being -grounded in hard research.”
“Somewhat in the manner of Jose Padilha’s Elite Squad.”

“Mendoza’s most propulsive and engrossing variation on his favored themes in some time. It’s also his most straight-up genre exercise to date.”

“Rousingly filmed (…) Mendoza once again portrays the forgotten and marginalized alongside the indelible and infallible image of those who stand up for a society that appears to be crumbling.”

“An immensely courageous work that transcends genre film to become a protest piece (…) undoubtedly committed to the cause”

“The brilliant Mendoza uses sinister cinematography and garbage-packed settings to sculpt his best movies (…) he returns close to where he has always been to reassert his accusations against a police system that has become the main scourge of the very society it should serve.”

“Brillante Mendoza spread out his intelligence and visual rythm from the start. Over-the-shoulder camera, ingenious angles, large variety of images, … to create a nervous energized and stressful thriller.”

Congratulations, Direk Dante and everyone involved in this film!

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